GNT and GTO gave awesome profit, what next?

Our Two coins gave awesome profit to traders, by hitting our target successfully. Congrats to the members, who have follow these signals and made good profits, but what to do next?

As GTO hit all the target, exactly 928 satoshis, which is our third target ( you can call it coincidence or accuracy both) the price drops a little, so there we can rebuy it near 780 satoshis again for a run, because i think GTO to hit above 1100, in midterm, by current chart reading.

Also GNT was at bottom price and the current ride in which it goes above our target and drop again after hitting our target, it is currently at the new support now, so i am also hoping a good bounce again in GNT. It has also some news ahead so i will it should be rebought again near 1600 satoshis for a run in which 1820_1850 satoshis can be done easily.