Tutorial : How To Make Money On Fiverr

I am going to show you how to make money on Fiverr step by step. If you didn’t know, Fiverr is a marketplace where anyone can sign up and sell services for $5 and more (based upon the demands and productivity). The Service can be anything from logo design, transcript, video creation, backlinks, social signals and so on.

Better, If you have a browse through the available Fiverr gigs categories, you will see that they are varied as much that, there really is a Service to offer for everyone. It does not matter, you have highly skilled, or moderately skilled. It does not matter, even if you have no skill, the only thing that is required is to be confident, willpower and commitment to learn things.

I agree that, the standard of income and Earnings, depend on skills, but in process to achieve that, you will earn a lot, not only pocket money. Starting with no skills and making yourself better by learning skills, will boost up your income and will open new stages and opportunities.

Introducing Fiverr

Fiverr is a global online marketplace offering tasks and services, beginning at a cost of $5 per job performed, from which it gets its name. The site is primarily used by freelancers who use to offer services to customers worldwide. Fiverr started with a simple concept: offer a service (called Gig) and get money (the price you setup) each time you do it for someone.

Create a Fiverr account today

Let’s create Fiverr account first, before making further discussion, it will takes only two minutes and it is as much easy, you have never expected.

  1. Sign up to fiverr here, Enter your email address and continue with it.
  2. After that Enter your Desired Username (if it is available) and then secure with it 8 characters password (Include Symbol, uppercase and lowercase alphabets and Numbers). One Second, Your Username should be Eye catching, you can follow my this guide on how to choose username for your account on fiverr, it will help a lot in making sales.
  3. After you entered your username and password, a verification email will send to your email address. check your email and verify your fiverr account.
  4. After that you should enter your Phone number and confirm your account with phone verification.
  5. One additional security is required, is your security question. choose your security question and answer it.
  6. Upload a Profile Pic of yourself (Look Professional) or you can upload any image (not copyrighted) relevant with the service you are going to offer.
  7. Write a Bio of you, what is your qualification, why you are here on fiverr, what you offers and how passionate you are about work. The bio should not be long but relevant to the service you offers. you can google it for assistance.
  8. Congratulations! You are all set, now please note down these details (Email, Username, password, Phone number, Security question and answer) for your self. it is important (you will know later) for future in any issues that happens.

How does Fiverr Works

Fiverr is a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers. Buyers look for services within a lot of categories Buyers pay sellers, sellers fulfill the services and Fiverr takes a commission for facilitating.

  • Graphics and design
  • Digital marketing
  • Writing and translation
  • Video and animation
  • Music and audio
  • Programming and tech
  • Advertising

Sellers, meanwhile, are the people offering those services. They create Gigs that buyers pay for.If you have a service that you think other people might find valuable, there’s probably a category for it. You’ll find a breadth of Gigs on Fiverr. You can browse every categories and subcategories available on fiverr and choose what better suits you to offer.

If you have skill of anything like graphics and designing, video editing, Photoshop, digital marketing or anything. you can create a gig for that. If you do not have skills then, you must learn some. Without applying any skill, one can do nothing. If you are not aware about your skill, if you didn’t invent yourself yet please read below short note –

  1. For seller, fiverr offers a lots of catagories to provide service. Please visit fiverr and read all the service that fiverr provides. I belive at least one option you will get that you will find as your skill. With that you can start.
  2. Or at least you will get something closer from Fiverr service list that you will be very much interested to do. But may be needed some tuning. For that you can learn from free online tutorial or you can also follow me for a closer look.
  3. Even above two point if you do not like then you can try reselling. create a service offering (Gig), of works, you think you can understand the process and requirement. Find a freelancer, who can do the work and deal with him in low price. Here is my guide on How to earn on fiverr without any skill with reselling.

if you little bit try to invent you, and to learn, you will automatically learn a lot what you didn’t think ever. Already you have many skills that many people in this world do not have, Find them or learn them and lastly, sell them. Here are some services, i feel you will love to offer. If you are still confused, then you can follow my Guide on how to choose service to sell on fiverr and make money.

  • Write Article for Website, blogs, products
  • Create a Logo, Business Card
  • Content marketing (Guest Posting)
  • Social media marketing
  • Write a captivating biography
  • Video testimonials
  • Voice over

After you Decide what service (Gig) you have to sell on fiverr, you can start selling by visiting “Start selling” or “Become a seller” button available there. If you still not decided, you can read my other article about Inventing skills you have in, learning skills which are easy to learn and reselling. After you are all set, I will guide how to create Gig on fiverr, in next article. Stay connected.

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