Bitcoin Price Action – BTC Setting up for Another Bearish Move?

There are warning signs on the weekly chart that Bitcoin could potentially be set up for another significant bearish move. Many analysts are monitoring the 200 simple moving average (SMA) which is often used to identify the direction of the long-term trend. Our cryptocurrency analyst, highlighted his reasons why he believes the 200-week moving will be broken […]

RCN : Buy for Quick 12% to 20% profit

RCN stage is set now, i have eye on this one from a long time, lets make quick 12% to 20% profit now. Charts looking good, TA is favorable and pattern is bullish. no stoploss needed, jump with good fund in this signal. Here is the signal Coin name :RCN Exchange : Binance Buy range […]

GNT : Currently at Bottom, will boom in Midterm

GNT currently trading above 1620 on binance is looking to hit bottom, near 1580 and 1565 to its all time low in near months. we can look the quick accumulation that is going on with this coin at support, that means traders are accumulating it for midterm. TA and Chart both showing bullish signal and […]

MFT Coin : Road map and mainnet ahead

MFT coin currently trading above 90 satoshis having two news ahead, one is mainnet 2nd year on 15 February and initial platform release on 31st march. as we have seen that low satoshis price coins are doing well in this market, people will likely to be attract towards MFT, the coin with news. we can […]

Waves Coin : Awesome Profit for all members

Waves coin gave us awesome profit for all our members, who bought at my call and enjoyed profit. we bought Waves near 7740 and sell half at third target and hold half till near 8800. we also did swing trade, sell up and rebuy down again in paid group because we are more active in […]

DENT Coin : Expected 30% profit in a month

Dent coin is looking to have a bounce from 28 satoshi for 30% profit in a month time period. Dent in the watchlist since days and it looks very good to have a bounce once the volume get loaded. Expected to hit 38 satoshis and its very good to hold for midterm for bigger profits. […]

QLC coin : Good to buy for 20% to 35% Profit

QLC coin currently trading near 640 satoshis has mainnet on 31st march. It is predicted that it can give 20% to 35% profit atleast. considering that in trading view, it seems it is a good buy near 623 satoshis and hold till 738 satoshi and can go more beyond than this. QLC is down much […]